When we arrived at the harbor, two ladies from the Catholic Church took care of us, of the girls who were travelling alone. And of our documents. In order to avoid going through customs, they said. The house where I work is fine. There are two kids. I hope you are feeling good, grandma. Don’t stop eating…

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, thousands of women left Galicia alone to go to America. Many of them were illegal, carrying on documents that forged their age and even their identity. Common stories as Merce’s, set aside for going into service, and from night to morning, dismissed. With nowhere to go or no one to ask for help, Merce spends three days and three nights at the Constitution Station (Estación Constitución) where her life is linked to other emigrants’ lives. On a par with a job at the factory Mil8, Merce gets married, attends financial classes in some of the Galician Societies when finally comes a day that the rule is shattered by something as simple as being captivated by a situation which is hard for her to name.

The film

  • Original title
    A cicatriz branca
  • International title
    White Scar
  • Gender
  • Year
  • Country
    Galicia (Spain), Argentina
  • Production Companies
    Nós, Produtora
    Cinematográfica Galega
    Haddock Films
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Recording format
    XDCAM HD 422
  • Aspect ratio
  • Locations
    Galicia, Buenos Aires

Film credits

  • Written and directed by
    Margarita Ledo Andión
  • Director of photography
    Pablo Cayuela Miguel
  • Production sound mixer
    David Machado
    Sebastián Sonzongni
    Xoan Escudero
  • Editor
    Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro
  • Music by
    Abe Rábade
  • Cast
    Eva Veiga
    Xabier Deive
    Lino Braxe
    Tamar Novas
    Margarita Fernández
    Mónica Camaño
    Xoana Pintos
    Clotilde Iglesias
    Néstor Ageitos
    Darío Ageitos
  • Special guest
    Manuel Sánchez Salorio
    Carmen Valiño de Arias
  • Executive production
    Margarita Ledo Andión
    Vanessa Ragone
  • Line production
    Katrin Pors
    Carolina Urbieta
  • Production supervisor
    Silvia Roca
  • First assistant director
  • Art Director
    Bernardo Tejeda
  • Set supervisor
    Andrea Benítez
  • Actor training
    Carlos Neira
  • Sound Design
    Cinemar Films
  • Postproduction Company
    Deluxe Madrid
  • Sound Consultant
  • Titles designer



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Contact: Silvia Roca
Production supervisor
Tel: +34 696 233 642