Apuntamentos para un filme

In the first half of the 20th century, thousands of women left Galicia for America alone. Many of them were illegal, with documents that forged their age and even their identity. They were intended to enter domestic service. Self-esteem learning by filming the word is the backdrop for the documentary that we have called

Notes for a film, where every fragment, every trifling emotion, the expression of calm or the emergence of the simmering pain build an atmosphere of eternal present. Notes for a film gathers testimonies of those who give rise to characters from the fictional film White scar.

  • Runtime
  • Locations
    Buenos Aires, Galicia
  • Year
  • Written and directed by
    Margarita Ledo Andión
  • Camera operators
    Pedro Cayuela
    & Margarita Ledo Andión
  • Editors
    Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro
    & Silvia Roca
  • Music
    Abe Rábade
  • Special guest
    Eva Veiga
    & Fernando Naval
  • Aerialist
    Raquel Oitavén
    Mercè Solé
    Raquel Veganzones
  • With
    María Visita Turner
    Carmen Román
    Patricia Alonso
    Gabriela Sande
    Segunda Rivas
    Rosa Buján
    Concepción Redondo
    Amparo González
    Carmen Rial
    Ramona Moreira
    Rosa González
    María Fernández
    Amalia Rivadomar
    María Rosa Iglesias
    Micaela Fernández Darriba
    Clotilde Iglesias
    María Isabel Varela
    Débora Campos
    & Manuel Berlanga
  • Records
    Cándida, de L. Bayón Herreros;
    Colonos Galegos de Luis Seoane
  • Songs
    María Visita Turner
    & Carmen Román
  • Drawing
    Isaac Díaz Pardo
  • A film by

    Nós Productora Cinemátográfica Galega S.L.

    and MLA
  • Sponsor
  • Xunta de Galicia - Secretaría Xeral de Emigración
  • Xunta de Galicia - Secretaría Xeral de Igualdade
  • Unión Europea - Fondo Social Europeo